Why Bags and Filters Are Vital Parts of Your Upright or Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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We tend to take our vacuum cleaners for granted, and sometimes even abuse them. Since many of us don’t like to vacuum the house or office, we let the bags or collection canisters overfill and neglect cleaning or changing the filters. We may think, ‘It won’t hurt anything, or I’ll change or clean them when I get around to it.’ However, this approach does not work because you lose efficiency, may burst a bag, or could even damage the vacuum cleaner. In this blog, we are going to take a quick look at how your vacuum works and how to maintain your machine for optimal performance.

The Role Bags Play in Your Cleaning Machine

Vacuum bags collect and hold dust, dirt, allergens, and other debris your machine sucks up from floors, furniture, and other places. They also act as filters that let air, but not dirt, pass through.  Bags are sealed inside the housing to ensure the stuff you pick up doesn’t fly out into the room. If a bag overfills and you keep cleaning, some of the debris may be pumped out of any small openings and into the air. TIP: Always empty the bag when it’s about one-half to two-thirds full or, you will lose suction ability.

Miele AirClean Bags


Sanitaire Bags

If you still aren’t sold on the idea of changing your bag often, a little more information may be helpful. Bags are typically made of paper or cloth that has tiny holes in it. The holes are large enough to let air pass through but not most of the debris. Manufacturers place bags at different locations along the path from the intake tube to the exhaust port. As soon as the air is filtered, it flows back to the outside.

Quality bags, such as Miele, Sanitaire, and SEBO brands, are strong and durable. Attach one of them correctly in your vacuum, and it should perform amazingly well. Some bags are reusable, and others you must throw out and replace. Make sure you know what your upright or canister model requires. You can find the bag number on the label of your vacuum, on the bag, or in the manual that came with your appliance. Higher quality bags do a better job than “cheap ones” which you should avoid at all costs.

Buy Quality Filters to Clean the Air

All vacuums cleaners, whether bagged or bagless, have filtration systems we may not understand very well. Filters clean the air more thoroughly than bags, whose main job is to catch and hold debris, while the primary function of a filter is to clean the air without allowing debris to go with it.

Not all the dust, dirt, allergens, and other debris sucked up by the vacuum stays in the bag. A lot of microscopic particles escape back into the air, and we end up breathing them unknowingly. Those tiny ones sized 0.3 to 1 micron are the most harmful to humans, pets, and your cleaning machine. Tiny holes in the filter allow air to go through but stop the particles from passing through it.  Buying the best quality filters you can afford, like those offered by Miele, Sanitaire, or SEBO will keep your homes or business’ air cleaner. You can’t go wrong with any of them – just make sure you get the ones that fit your vacuum correctly.

Miele Filter

Sanitaire Filter

SEBO Filter



Maintenance and Service Boxes Are Ideal Companions

An old adage says, “When you are prepared, you need not fear.” Take the worry out of running out of bags and filters when they need replacing by purchasing a maintenance or service box for your model. They typically contain extra bags and filters and depending on the brand, other accessories. Leading dealers even stock or can get bags, filters, belts, and parts for discontinued models. Another way to breathe easy is always to buy high-quality accessories and parts that are durable. While you may save some money by using cheaper items, you may not save time in the long run, and “time is money” to most of us.

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