5 Reasons Why a Backpack Vacuum May Be Your Best Cleaning Option

Backpacks Clean Restaurants Effectively

A backpack vacuum cleaner is a great way to keep your business clean with less effort and expense than an upright or canister model. Employees, customers, and guests will notice and appreciate a sparkling clean office, showroom, seating or waiting area, and restroom. An unclean facility turns people away, and you can’t afford for this to happen. A spic-and-span building is safer and healthier for everyone that enters and uses it. Here are five meaningful reasons that show how you can get the greatest benefit from a backpack vacuum and why you should make your next vacuum purchase a backpack:

#1 – Get More Work Done In Less Time

Backpack vacuum cleaners are more maneuverable than either upright or canister models. With a backpack vacuum, you no longer have to worry about pulling or pushing the vacuum from room to room. Also, since you comfortably mount the backpack on your back, you will have freedom of motion which allows more efficient cleaning, and the cord is always behind out of the way of your work. It’s easy to transition from dusting to cleaning floors, walls, and furniture with its lightweight wand. Commercial users report cleaning up to three times the square footage of floors in the same amount of time compared to uprights models. See how to get the most benefit from your backpack vacuum

#2 – More Comfortable And Less Strenuous To Use

Using a backpack vacuum is more ergonomic and less hazardous than other types of vacuums. Custodians and other users do not trip over the vacuum or overexert themselves, and fewer, if any, accidents occur when using one. Wise business managers seek to eliminate as many injuries as possible for their employees’ and business’ sakes. This type of vacuum puts less strain on the back, shoulders, arms, and neck than other models. Everyone who uses one appreciates being able to stand erect instead of bending over frequently. Turning from side to side and walking is easier, and you will take fewer steps while cleaning each room or area.

#3 – The Cost Savings Is Noticeable In Your Bottom Line

Save Money with Backpack Vacuums

You will appreciate the following ways to save money with a backpack machine:

Here’s something to think about, if it takes nine hours to vacuum your facility with an upright vacuum, a backpack can do the same job in about 3.5 hours. That’s a significant saving in labor cost each year! Competitors can’t believe how we can save you so much money. Our volume buying saves us money and we pass the savings on to you whether you buy online or from our showroom. You can expect to pay much more for a commercial or home central vacuum cleaner at your local retail dealer. They must charge more to pay their expensive operating expenses. Their volume of sales is much lower than ours and that’s why we can offer you such great deals. Our customers are some of the best in the world. Look at what one of them has to say.

Ordering the correct products was fairly easy online. Received the correct items and in a timely manner. New hose has more sucking power which I like and the connections to the wand and wall are very tight. So far, so good. Happy with the purchase!

(from Wilson, a customer)

“Our overall customer satisfaction review is 5.0. You will be satisfied with us too!”

#4 – Backpacks Create A Healthier Environment

You will experience a cleaner and more sanitary environment with this type of cleaning machine. When pressed for time, some custodians skip small areas that are hard to reach with uprights and canisters. This is a no-no because they are leaving dust, dirt, allergens, and other pollutants to float around in the area. Bacteria, dust mites, and anything else left behind can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Leading brands of backpack vacuums like ProTeam and Sanitaire have advanced filtration systems that capture more dangerous particles than other brands. Purchase the best model you can afford to clean the air in your building better and keep dirty air out of everyone’s heads and lungs

#5 – Leading Brands And Models Are Affordable

Leading brands of commercial backpack vacuums cost no more than upright and canister models. In most cases, Thinkvacuums.com will not only match competitor’s prices but will beat them! Save even more on accessories and parts when you order $70 or more.

Two Backpack Brands That Stand Out Among The Rest

ProTeam LineVacer Is a Workhorse

ProTeam LineVacer HEPA Backpack Vacuum W/ High Filtration Tool Kit 100277 When you want super-clean air for your business, this ProTeam backpack vacuum is the model for you. It meets the EPA’s definition of a HEPA vacuum and cleans with two Intercept Micro®Filters. Enjoy whisper-quiet operation with 744 watts, 6.2 amps, 124 CFM, and 75-inch static lift. Its 10-quart dust capacity and 50-foot power cord for a greater cleaning radius are time savers. Its 13-pound lightweight, comfortable design and integrated tool belt help make vacuuming a pleasure.

Sanitaire TRANSPORT SC530B Commercial Backpack Vacuum

The Sanitaire Transport Is a Top Choice

When you need a vacuum cleaner designed with effective suction to clean large surfaces while keeping the noise to a minimum, this Sanitaire backpack vacuum model does the job. It comes with a broad array of tools and attachments to clean every surface in your business. Enjoy a four-level filtration system in a lightweight model with an easy-to-use ergonomic harness. Its 1,380 air watts, 120 CFM airflow, 11.50 amps, and 62.50 dBs provide what you need for large jobs. It also comes with a 10-quart dust capacity, 14-inch cleaning path, a 50-foot quick change cord, and a wide assortment of attachments

Why You Should Buy A Backpack Vacuum Online

When you select your vacuum from our extensive online assortment of cleaning machines, tools, attachments, and accessories you receive: Think Vacuums offers heavy duty commercial central vacuums online for your ordering convenience. Our beautiful showroom is open for your shopping needs at our Coral Springs, Florida location. We have grown to be one of the nation’s leading online vacuum businesses. Our highly educated and well-trained staff of certified technicians and customer service representatives is here to answer any questions you may have. Our staff will be more than happy to recommend the right system for you while working within your budget. Our motto “A well-informed consumer is our best customer” has come to mean a lot to all who come in and to our business over the years. Now, more about commercial vacuums. Call our friendly and professional team at Think Vacuums today for help finding just the right vacuum for your cleaning needs. Our overall customer satisfaction review is 5.0. You will be satisfied with us too!

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