Five Tips for Central Vacuum Maintenance

Central vacuums are becoming more popular, and the reason is almost obvious. Unlike a traditional vacuum cleaner, you do not have to carry them from one place to another. They are more convenient and save time. They produce lesser noise than traditional vacuum cleaners, yet provide a better and more powerful overall clean.

Nevertheless, you have to keep up maintenance once you decide to have a central vacuum. Luckily, central vacuums are low maintenance. The following central vacuum maintenance tips will help in keeping yours working as efficiently to keep your whole house clean.

Ensure correct installation of the Central Vacuum

Installing a central vacuum systemThe first thing that you should ensure is the correct installation of your central vacuum. It is advisable to engage a professional central vacuum technician in the installation of the vacuum system. However, you can purchase do-it-yourself kits if you are a DIY guru. On the contrary, you should keep in mind that this installation needs sufficient skills and experience, especially if you are having one installed in a pre-existing home. You can also invite a professional interior designer to ensure your interior home design and decorating remains intact.

Regularly Check the Motor

It is prudent to check that your central vacuum’s motor is working correctly at all times. Even though the motor does not need too much maintenance, it may sometimes need lubrication. Besides, you can check the motor brushes. If the brushes are depleted, they may need replacement. You can engage a professional if you need to replace the motor.

Clean or Change the Filters

Ensure that you occasionally clean out the filter in your central vacuum. It is worth to note that different systems have different types of filters. Regardless of which yours is fitted with, this is one of the simplest and most crucial central vacuum maintenance steps you can practice. Maintaining the central vacuum filter is helpful because it stays as efficient as possible.

Remove Clogs and Dirt

Removing Clogs and Dirt from Central Vacuums It would be best if you learned how to remove dirt or clogs from the central vacuum hose. Clogs are mainly caused by sticky or moist substances or by large debris and dirt particles. You can use central vacuum maintenance fabrics for cleaning these clogs. You can purchase at central vacuum dealers or hardware stores near you if you do not have the fabrics. Feed a cloth into the hose while the central vacuum is running and let the fabric come out the other end of the hose.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Maintain regular inspections of the central vacuum by professional technicians. Ensure that a system inspection is done about once every few years. That is an incredibly essential step to ensuring your central vacuum continues to be functional. Experts will always let you know what your central vacuum needs as a replacement. To preserve that lifespan of your central vac, ensure that you avoid overusing it. Overusing can lead to excessive debris clogs and could cause issues that end up requiring repairs.

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