A Quick Guide to Properly Utilizing your Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

A Quick Guide to Properly Use Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Miele Canister Vacuum with Air-Driven Turbo Brush

The other day, as I was rummaging through a cabinet at home, I found a small plastic tube and two different sizes of brushes I had forgotten about. I looked at them and tried to remember what they were and why I had bought them. After a few minutes, it finally dawned on me these were cleaning accessories from my old vacuum cleaner. I thought I had lost them and did not buy them with my new vacuum cleaner. Now, I wish I had bought a complete package because the old tools and accessories don’t fit my new cleaning machine.
This got me thinking about how important all the vacuum attachments and accessories are, and how they can make your cleaning job so much easier with their proper use.

Each does a specific job more effectively than the other and everyone should have a complete set in their cleaning tool kit. It’s important to learn to use each of them to reach difficult areas and save time in cleaning your house.

Let us know if you need any type of tool, attachment, part, or accessory for any type of vacuum cleaner. We can even get them for discontinued models. Here is a quick guide to selecting the right ones and properly using your essential vacuum cleaner accessories.

A Crevice Tool Gets Hard-to-reach Places

A Sturdy Crevice Tool Is Handy

This is one of the most common attachments that most vacuums have. It is a skinny-looking tool with an angled tip that allows it to get into tight spots such as corners, along baseboards, between appliances, between sofa cushions, under furniture, and in other nooks and crannies of your home or vehicle. I find myself using this tool just about every time I vacuum.

This tool is especially helpful for cleaning stairways combined with an extension wand. You can stand in one place and clean many stairs without lifting the vacuum every few steps. Extra- long crevice tools are also available at low cost, so why not order one if you don’t have it?

Stiff Bristle Brushes Vacuum Bare Floors Well

Floor Brush for Bare Floors

This brush may more often be seen with a canister vacuum  rather than with an upright. Also called the Bare Floor Brush, this attachment helps exactly as its name suggests- to remove dirt from hardwood floors and tiles. The stiff bristles pick up even the fine dust and grit, so you do not have to worry about taking out that mop.
They are soft enough to prevent damage to hardwood or laminate flooring. They don’t work well on carpets, so you need another tool such as an air-driven or electric powerhead. You do not need this attachment for an upright vacuum because you only need to adjust the height of the roller brush built inside.

A Soft Dusting Brush Removes Dust

“Each does a specific job more effectively than the other and everyone should have a complete set in their cleaning tool kit. It’s important to learn to use each of them to reach difficult areas and save time in cleaning your house.”

This rounded brush comes with soft bristles that are perfect for removing dust from windowsills, bookcases, wall art, lampshades, blinds, glass fixtures, mirrors, electronics, and any other items   you may have around your home that requires a gentler cleaning.
They are available in several sizes and shapes to meet your cleaning needs. Before vacuuming, clean to make sure it is not clogged up and your cleaning job will go a lot better.

Use an Upholstery Tool for Furniture

Use This Brush for Upholstery

When we think of a vacuum, generally the first thing that comes to mind is using it to clean your floors. But did you know that many vacuum cleaners today come equipped with a wonderful accessory that can help you quickly and easily clean the upholstery in your home?                           

The wide Upholstery Tool can be used to get dust, pet hairs, and other stuff out of your mattresses, chair seats, sofas, and cushions. Some may also come with a lint-catching fabric strip. This tool works better than a crevice tool for flats surfaces. You may want to switch it to a crevice tool to get down in the furniture cracks and crevices.

An Extension Wand Let You Vacuum Farther

Wondering how to get that cobweb out of the remote high corner of your ceiling? Or how to get the dirt all the way from under your bed? With a vacuum’s 20 inch extension wand>, you can easily clean these and other areas that may seem out of your reach. Some vacuums are telescoping wands that have two tubes that fit into each other, giving you even more reach.
Occasionally, you may experience a loss of suction caused by something clogging up the wand. If this occurs, run a broom handle or wire through it to clean it out.

A Turbo Brush Provides More Powerful Cleaning

Power Heads Are Terrific Cleaners

Sometimes called the power nozzle, this attachment is typically used with canister vacuums. It has a rotating brush to clean carpets. Some allow you to turn off the rotation, so you can use it to clean bare floors as well. An air-driven turbo brush works well on low pile carpets and an electric turbo brush works better for deep pile carpets. It can be a challenge to select and use the right tools with your vacuum and here is some help.

Which Type of Vacuum Cleaner Do You Have?

The following popular  types of vacuum cleaners and their accessories are found in our inventory:

  The accessories discussed in this blog fit these vacuums and we advise you to use high-quality products for durability and longlife. You can be sure the list doesn’t end here. You can find attachments such as a ceiling fan tool, pet grooming tool, mattress tool, bumper guards to protect your furniture, and more. If you are looking for any kind of new or replacement accessories for any brand of vacuum cleaner the Think Vacuums has them. Good Housekeeping demystifies common vacuum cleaner tools in this good read. We carry all vacuum cleaner powerheads and brush parts and sometimes they are on sale. To order, just call us Toll Free at  1.888.923.2710 or visit our website or store to see a complete listing of parts we offer. We invite you to find out more about us why we are the top online vacuum dealer.

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