Hide-A-Hose HS402154 - 40ft Rapid Flex Hose

Note: If replacing an older hose, this coupler may be needed.

Since the invention of Hide-A-Hose, the Rapid Flex is the first to function without a sock. This HAH hose has a smooth body for versatility and maneuverability. This hose performs well both within the room as well as when extended out. For installations that need many planes, turns, and corners, the Rapid Flex Hose is the ideal choice.

With the Rapid Flex Hose, you will enjoy increased airflow significantly due to its larger diameter. This means greater suctioning power, increasing its cleaning performance on your surfaces, whether you have a large or smaller motor. The HAH HS402154 Hose is made of soft-touch material, eliminating the fear of damaging your furniture. Its soft material also makes a hose sock unnecessary. 

The Central Vac System hose is stored within the tubing inside the wall. All outlets have a hose hidden within the Central Vacuum system's tubing. Once you are done cleaning, the system unit’s suction draws the hose back into the wall. 

What You Need to Install a Standard Hide-A-Hose

Hide a hose parts

  • A Central Vacuum system unit

  • An attachment Kit

  • HAH installation kit

  • Gas Pump Non-RF Handle, Standard Handle, or Radio Frequency Handle Kit

  • Deep Slate Blue Hide-A-Hose HS402124, Rapid Flex Hose, 40 feet

  • A 30ft- 60ft long hose


Hide a Hose Rapid Flex Hose

The Rapid Flex Hide-A-Hose now comes in a deeper slate blue color. The research revealed that this color is the most loved among customers and consumers, even more than the bright blue color it came in before. The Rapid Flex Hide-A-Hose is more popular than other HAH hoses. This is because: 

  • Its diameter is larger 1⅜” than in other hoses, leading to increased airflow by 25- 30% and increased cleaning power.

  • Increased cleaning power means that a smaller motor will still be efficient. 

  • The Rapid Flex hose is more flexible, softer, lighter, with a rounder profile, thus retracts faster.

  • The hose is easier to install because it is flexible enough to handle multiple planes, turns, and constricted areas. 

  • Unlike other hoses, the Rapid Flex hose’s large diameter makes it difficult for a hose sock to fit. However, you will not have to worry about damaging the furniture because the hose is lighter and soft to the touch. 

The Rapid Flex hose could stretch over time with use; this stretch is irreversible and alters the hose’s ability to retract into the tubing. A lasting solution to this problem may be found over time, but this is what is recommended when this problem occurs:

Remove the hose end, cut the extra length, then put the hose head back. It is also recommended that you make the tubing about 10 inches longer than the length of the hose to make it easy to store the hose when it stretches.

Rapid Flex Hose - 50' (mini-cuff)  

The material with which this central vacuum hose is made is scratch-resistant and does not require a hose sock. They are more flexible than socked hoses. They also retract and pull out faster than other hose types. The wide hose allows more air to flow through it, increasing the suction for deeper cleaning.

The Rapid Flex hose mini-cuff allows direct fitting of tools onto the hose cuff. With the Rapid Flex Hide-A-Hose, it is easy to customize the hose length to your home’s needs. Trim the hose from the end that gets into the valve first, then fix the end cap onto the trimmed end. Do not cut the hose from the cuff-end.

Advantages of Rapid Flex over other Hide-A-Hose models

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  • It is lighter, making it easier to carry when vacuuming.

  • It is more flexible

  • It is scratch-resistant

  • Its soft material does not damage furniture.

The only disadvantage is that it stretches with time, making retraction and expansion impossible.

How can I Have Rapid Flex HAH Hose Installed in my Home?

Not any contractor can do the proper installation for you; many may promise but not deliver. However, Think Vacuums experts are well known for any home cleaning system installation. Make cleaning a comfortable and enjoyable task by calling us today for installation and replacements or purchase of installation equipment. 

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