Pet Hair Removal Guide

Pet Hair Removal Guide

Pets are great. They offer you companionship, love, and loyalty. What’s not so great? Seeing their hair on your upholstery, carpets, and floating along your hardwood floors, and getting rid of pet hair can be quite a challenge. Even some of the most powerful vacuums don’t seem to handle the work. Fortunately, there are dozens of vacuums on the market, from entry-level to high-end specifically designed to pick up even the most tenacious pet hair.

Different Kinds of Vacuums for Pet Hair

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair There are several different kinds of vacuums for pet hair, including upright vacuums, stick vacuums, and canister vacuums. Canister vacuums provide more flexibility and can easily maneuver under couches and tables, and get closer to edges. In contrast, upright vacuums may be easier to store and more convenient to use on carpet. There are also great stick vacuums that effectively pick up pet hair, such as the Dyson V11 Animal.

You’ll also need to consider if you want a pet hair vacuum with a bag or one that is bagless. Vacuums with bags store the dirt and dust in bags. When the bag gets full, you’ll have to buy a new one and replace it. Bagless vacuums on-the-other-hand don’t need a bag. You just detach the canister and empty the contents into the trash; each has advantages and disadvantages.

What is the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair?

Normal vacuums aren’t designed to correctly deal with pet hair the way specialty pet hair vacuums are. The greatest vacuums for pet hair have:

1. Stronger Suction: A vacuum with low suction power will only eliminate dust on the surface. It won’t remove hair and dirt that’s stuck or woven into your carpet or upholstery. So, look at the vacuum’s wattage, amps, and horsepower. The Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog Upright vacuum boasts 1,200 watts. It is also very quiet. So, if you have pets that are skittish when it comes to loud sounds, this may be something to consider.

2. Air Filters: Most vacuum cleaners on the market today have HEPA filters. These filters can drastically decrease the number of allergens and dander in the air, which is especially crucial if you or someone you live with suffers from pet allergies.

What Is the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair Many filters either have to be replaced frequently or can be washed. Dyson vacuums come with a non-washable lifetime filter, while Hoover and Shark have washable filters. Miele’s Complete C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum is best for pet owners who suffer from asthma or allergies. This high-end vacuum comes with an odor-neutralizing HEPA filter with activated charcoal, which not only aids trap tiny particles but also helps eliminate pet odor. It also has a self-sealing bag to keep debris out and includes accessories such as a crevice nozzle, dusting brush, and upholstery tool.

3. Tangle-Free Brush Rolls: Pet hair strands can get twisted around your vacuum’s brush. This can result in blockage or reduce the vacuum’s suction power. This is where having a vacuum with a tangle-free tool is significant. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean comprises a tangle-free turbine tool and high suction power. It’s engineered for all floors as well as wood, vinyl, and tile.

4. Pet Hair Vacuum Attachments: Some of the best vacuums for pet hair either come with a choice of pet hair tools or attachments. These tools can be extension wands, floor nozzles, disinfection tools, or even grooming kits, which are mainly helpful when grooming your pet. The Shark Rocket Tru Pet is a type of ultra-lightweight upright vacuum that converts to a handheld vacuum. This mid-level vacuum consists of a nozzle and Pet Multi-Tool for capturing embedded hair on all surfaces.

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