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tips on spring cleaning

With Functional Vacuum Tools, You Can Spring 
Clean Your House in a Day

Spring-cleaning isn't merely about tidying up your home, and while it can be boring, it offers health benefits as well. It's also the ideal time to unclutter the house and eliminate items no longer needed  You'll find that a thorough clean helps you focus better in general and decrease stress. If you don't know where to start this spring, consider these tips.

Clean Upholstery and Carpets

Fabrics that have taken in a winter's worth of body oil, dirt and germs will require deep cleaning to prepare them for another year. Begin with vacuuming and follow up with shampooing for the best results.  When you're cleaning upholstery or shampooing carpets with a rented cleaner, it's advisable you practice in an unobtrusive area initially to ensure you have the knack of the machine and that discoloration won't occur.

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It’s time to pull the furniture out into the room and clean behind couches, sofas, easy chairs, lamps on stands, and other stationary objects. You may be surprised what you find behind and under them or how dusty or dirty the areas are. If it is hard to move the furniture by yourself, you can try tipping it over on the fronts. If this won’t work for you, ask someone to help. Be sure to wear a mask if you have allergies or you will get choked up. Pull the seat cushions out and thoroughly vacuum all areas including crevices. Time your time when vacuuming carpets and vacuum in two different directions at 90 degrees to each other. This will not only clean better, but it will help pull up the carpet fibers that make them look better. It's also important you open the windows to hasten the drying process, which could take a day or more. If you don’t like machine-renting and furniture-shifting, use a professional upholstery and carpet cleaning business.

Seal Your Kitchen and Bath Countertops

Natural stone countertops, including marble and granite, are porous. Therefore, if you don't seal them, liquids such as soy sauce, juices, or red wine can stain them. A sealer repels stains by preventing absorption and causes the spills to bead instead. Although sealing takes place during the installation of most countertops, you'll discover that the sealant wears down. To maintain your countertops in excellent shape, re-apply a sealer twice annually. If you wish to determine whether you require a fresh coat, pour some water on the countertop. You'll know it's time for resealing if the water does not bead or remains beaded for 2-3 minutes. Creating a Spring Cleaning Checklist Will Help You Achieve Thorough Cleaning In All Parts of the House.

Clean the Oven

Forget cleaners that guarantee an easy task. You'll find that most cleaners emit harmful fumes and make a nasty mess. Remember, the fundamental ingredient in numerous cleaners is lye, which can burn your skin and eyes; it's typically deadly if swallowed. Consider wetting a pumice stone and use it to scrape off grease and dirt or another natural product. You'll find it's faster and toxin-free.

Clean Your Windows and Walls Clean the Oven

We find that most people always think about cleaning their floors but usually forget about windows and walls. You'll also find most dust on the floor and other surfaces though not all of it. Clean blinds by vacuuming and wiping down with a damp cloth and vacuum walls beginning from the top. On the outside, take out and wipe the window screens clean. Use a steam cleaner along with a squeegee for the windows. You should hose down any dirty parts of the house siding.

“Spring-cleaning isn't something you should dread. In fact, you'll discover the results are worth the effort if you follow these tips. Your home will look cleaner, feel cleaner, and smell cleaner.”

Go Green When Spring Cleaning

Don't expose yourself to toxins and chemicals when spring cleaning. A steam cleaner is an excellent green product for this task. You can use it to clean your tile, microwave, kitchen appliances, and bathrooms. Steam cleaners use only hot water vapor, so they're 100% natural and provide a chemical-free cleaning solution. Beware that you can't use the steam cleaning technique on everything. If you lack a steam cleaner, one of the best cleaning combinations is baking soda, distilled white vinegar, and water. The ingredients are not only affordable but also non-toxic.

Central Vacuuming

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Buy a Complete All-in-one Central Vacuum Package

Vacuuming can be inconvenient, noisy, and expensive when you find yourself purchasing a new machine every few years. You'll also find that portable vacuums are typically heavy and frequently leave you wondering whether your carpet is actually clean. In this case, a central vacuum offers the best solution, yet numerous homeowners are unaware of this option. Some misconceptions exist about how a central vacuum system works. A common misconception surrounding this system is that the installation requires you to tear down walls. A second is this major renovation costs too much. Neither is true and here's a list of reasons why we advise clients to consider a central vacuum.

  • Powerful Cleaning

Central vacuums are the most powerful cleaning systems available today. Their motors are high-power and heavy-duty that not only clean well but last for up to 20 years or more. You can clean with the hose and have floor-level dustpans installed for convenient and occasional vacuuming.

  • Minimal Noise

You're probably familiar with the loud noise generated by portable vacuums, especially upright models. In fact, you'll discover how difficult it can be to sleep or talk on the phone when somebody is vacuuming. With a central vacuum system installation, you'll be amazed at how quiet the appliance is.The noise is practically eliminated because the motor and power unit is located in the garage or basement. The only noise comes from the air flowing through your vacuum.

  • Easy To Use

It's obvious few of us enjoy doing household chores. However, a central home vacuum system makes this task as painless as possible. With this system, you don't need to worry about dragging an upright vacuum or heavy canister around or bending over frequently. The hose, wand, and tools are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Furthermore, these vacuums have an array of accessories that permit you to clean spots effectively.

  • Other Advantages

Central vacuums are the best for those who suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues because they don’t recirculate dust and dirt particles in the room. There are no power cords or extension cords to pull around. The dust and dirt collection canisters are large-capacity that only needs emptying a few times each year. Parts and motors have longevity that makes these appliances cost-effective over time since you are not replacing portable vacuums every few years. These models have the largest variety of tools, attachments, and accessories available. Using them is easy on the back, neck, shoulders, and arms. Spring-cleaning isn't something you should dread. In fact, you'll discover the results are worth the effort if you follow these tips. Your home will look cleaner, feel cleaner, and smell cleaner.

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Creating a Spring Cleaning Checklist Will Help You Achieve Thorough Cleaning In All Parts of the House.

With functional vacuum tools, you can spring clean

your house in a day