Testing Your Beam Central Vacuum System

Testing Your Beam Central Vacuum System

Beam Vacuum Testing

  1. To Test for Cleaning Power: 

Test one inlet for proper suction and airflow. Open TornadoPower cloths as directed on the label. Initiate the vacuum system, place one towel over the center of the wand (textured side first). After five seconds, turn off the power and check the canister or bag; if the cloth gets to the cartridge in 5 seconds or less, you have enough cleaning power. Common causes of reduced cleaning power are as follows:

  • Full canister or filter bag
  • Dirty secondary filter
  • Blockage in the exhaust
  • Hole in filter or filter bag
  • System clogs
  • Leak in system 
  1. To Test for Suspected Impediments in the System: 

Use the material as directed (one inlet at a time). If the cloth gets to the canister in one piece, you do not have a blockage in that inlet, go to the next inlet and test again. If the cloth gets to the canister but is torn or ripped, you may have a partial clog or blockage. Even if you find a full clog, test the other inlets one at a time to ensure that you don’t have more than one clog.

  1. To Test for a Leak in the System (TornadoPower Cloths Not Needed for This Procedure): 

Troubleshooting Beam Central Vacuum System Unplug all tubes from the system. Turn on the element at the canister with no hoses plugged in. Walk around the home, listening for the sound of rushing air. Ensure you check every inlet covers, Vac Pan, and around the unit. You should be able to hear a leak in the system. Significant causes of leaks in the system are as follows:

  • Several hoses plugged in at one time
  • Inlet covers detached or broken
  • On systems with toe kick cleaning equipment, the door is stuck open
  • Dripping gaskets on older systems.

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