Is it Time to Get a Central Vacuum? We Think So!

Central Vacuum Cleaners, Systems And Parts

Think Vacuums is home to a large selection of central vacuum systems and accessories. We feature a wide array of parts and accessories for all top-name brands and units. Whether you need tools, attachments, or central vacuum bags, it’s as easy as visiting our website. We can even help you find the right central vacuum to meet your home or office cleaning needs. From bags and filters to powerheads and brushes, we are proud to meet all new and existing customer needs across the board. As always, we feature fair market prices and detailed descriptions for each product and brand.

The Benefits Of Central Vacuum Systems

Vacuuming Furniture is a Snap

At Think Vacuums, we can help you replace or buy a new central vacuum cleaner system and stand by all our products, services and accessories. With seasoned and leading customer service reps, we answer all your product questions and concerns. If your current unit is on the brink, you may want to consider a cost-affordable power unit replacement in a leading brand. Designed for optimal power and convenience, these power units and vacuum packages provide timely benefits for home and business owners. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Central vacuums are more powerful, efficient, and quieter than traditional or conventional units.
  • These products are easier to install and seamlessly integrate with your home or office décor.
  • Central units remove the need for pricey, traditional vacuums or portable systems.
  • These cost-efficient vacuums improve the quality of your life, while effectively cleaning up dust, dirt, grime, hair, insects and even hidden elements within the flooring and deep-shag carpets and rugs.
  • You can clean stairways, upholstery, drawers, and tight corners and places easier and faster. Gain more insight by reading how central vacuum cleaners work.
Central vacuum systems are lower in price than ever before.

Why Should You Purchase A Central Vacuum Cleaner?

Central vacuum cleaners continue to soar in global popularity. In fact, our products are made in the USA and have received Top Rated and Best Choice Reviews in 2017. With eco-friendly and green options, your central units are guaranteed to make your homes and businesses spotless. Here are some more essential benefits of buying a new central vacuum system today:

  • Central vacuum systems can be ordered with HEPA filtration that cleans the air in your home more effectively.
  • These units also remove small particles and allergens that are stuck to surfaces as well as worn out fibers in deep-shag carpets.
  • We feature bagless units, along with a full range of essential accessories; powerheads, power units, hoses, brushes, wall inlets, and more.
  • Central vacuum systems are lower in price than ever before. We also offer a wide array of discounts, promotional specials and true savings on all units, parts, and accessories.

There are many great Central Vacuum Systems on the market but one of the most popular models is the Drainvac Little Giant because it's extremely powerful, remarkably quiet and surprisingly affordable:   


Attachments And Accessories

Central vacuums operate via inlets installed in walls or floors throughout your house. The central operating motor and unit are installed in basements, garages, attics, or crawlspaces. Inlets are designed to attach power hoses and other accessories for timely and effective cleaning. You will enjoy using brushes for upholstery, as well as cleaning between a sofa and chair cushions, book cases, walls, and baseboards. See a complete list of tools and attachments for any cleaning job and any central vacuum system. We suggest buy a complete kit to save money and ordering time. All these products are durable, high-quality items that will give many years of continued use.

Central Vacuums Health Benefits

                                      Health Benefits of Central Vacuums

There are several health benefits associated with central vacuums. For one, they improve the air quality in your businesses or homes. Central vacuums are great for customers or family members that suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems. These central units also balance the amount of moisture in your home year round. They can even be installed to reach every corner or area in your home or business. This means you get a comprehensive range of cleaning services – designed to offer more power and measurable results than traditional cleaning machines. It is also important to understand that while central vacuums can clean floors, rooms, and carpeting – they are not like traditional upright or canister vacuums. Central vacuum systems are permanent fixtures equipped with large collection containers for all dust, grime, and debris typically located outside the living area. There’s no heavy vacuum unit to push or pull throughout the house to tire you back, neck, shoulders, or arms. There’s no removing bags inside the house that can let pollutants back into the air. Central vacuum units come with disposable bags or bagless systems for your convenience. Learn how to install a central vacuum system by reading this informative article.

Want the Best Central Vacuum for Your Home?

DrainVac is an outstanding brand you cannot overlook for your home cleaning needs. We recommend the Little Giant model for homes up to 3,500 square feet. Find all-in-one complete packages for all size homes.                            DrainVac Little Giant Model

For Homes up to 3,500 sq. ft.

Includes Power Unit, Accessory Kit, And Installation Hardware

          • Drainvac "Little Giant" Central Vacuum Unit, 670 Air Watts
          • Very Powerful suction - Premium Domel Motor - 110 Volts
          • Industry's Best Lifetime Warranty Considered the Ferrari of Motors
          • Complete 4 inlet Installation Kit with certified PVC pipe.
          • Includes 100 ft of new Professional choice top-quality true virgin Bell End Schedule-20 FlowMax Gold PVC Pipe and everything that you will need such as elbows, couplings, mounting bracket, low-voltage wire, glue and easy to read instructions.
          • Champion Attachment Kit. This attachment kit contains the best premium high-voltage light-weight crushproof hose with 3-way position switch on the handle and 360° swivel.
          • FREEPlatinum Hose Sock included with your purchase! As a courtesy to our loyal customers, we will gladly pre-install a protective Platinum Hose Sock cover (Upon Your Request), which will help protect your walls, baseboards, and furniture.
          • One Deluxe VacPan Kit for your Kitchen, Bathroom or Mudroom.
          • Bonus! Free Gift - 30 ft. Deluxe Car and Garage Kit
          • FREE!For A Limited Time - GarageUtility Inlet includedwith your free Garage Attachment Kit!

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