Why Central Vacuum Cleaners are a Must for Industrial Environments

Cleaning all floor types with beam central vacuum

A Beam Commercial Central
Vacuum at Work

The quality vacuum cleaning machines offered by Beam Central Vacuum Systems are commercial grade and are equipped to be able to meet the heavy demands of your work environment. Their self-cleaning HEPA Filters are among the best and the Cyclonic Filtration, another valuable benefit of Beam Central Vacuums, performs an efficient job to remove allergens from the air and promote a comfortable atmosphere.

When maintaining cleanliness in a business environment, there are many important ideas and processes to consider. The quality of the air must be kept at its peak to ensure a healthy environment for employees and customers alike. When the air quality is low in the work area, employees become more prone to frequent illnesses resulting in lost wages and decreasing workplace efficiency.

How Your Business Will Benefit

Central vacuum cleaners offer many benefits over upright, canister, stick, and hand-held models for you and your business. Among the best benefits are convenience and ease of use. They are also great for:

  • Cleaning up spills and hard to vacuum messes
  • More powerful and deep cleaning jobs
  • Saving trips to another floor for a portable model
  • Cleaning the air in any room where you use them
  • Portable vacuums leak dust, dirt, and dander back into the air
  • Capturing everything and sending it to a collection canister out of the way
  • Quiet and peaceful vacuuming because the motor and power unit are located out of the area

They are so quiet in fact, you can clean an area or a close-by area without disturbing a meeting, phone call, or text message. Employees, clients, and visitors alike enjoy this amazing benefit. You can also save money because you won’t need to replace portable vacuums every few years. Central vacuum systems are long-term durable assets that add monetary value to your business. Anyone who uses one of these cleaning marvels will appreciate their light weight and ease of use. These home installation guidelines also work for businesses

Beam Complete Packages

Beam Central Vacuum System Accessories Beam Central Vacuum System
Get a Complete Accessory Kit
for Best Results
Beam Serenity Model
Central Vacuum

These high-quality systems offered by Think Vacuums are top of the line, commercial-quality built to withstand the tough commercial environments. Our Beam Complete Packages carry all of the components needed for a complete unit in an attractive model. Whether residential or commercial, these units can accommodate any type of sector.

These complete units are easy to install because they come with a detailed installation manual and instructional video to help with the installation process. These Beam systems come complete and ready to go with a:

  • Basic tools
  • Hose and want
  • Power unit
  • Dirt collection receptacle
  • Piping and accessories

“Our company’s longstanding history and great customer relationships give you the confidence you need when deciding on investing in a Beam Central Vacuum System.”

Beam Bags and Filters

Buy Bags and Filters for Beam Vacuums Online Buy Beam Central Vacuum Filters Online
Buy the Best Bags You Can Afford Beam Filters Are Durable

Think Vacuums offers a large line of replacement bags for Beam vacuums in a variety of different pack sizes. No matter the Beam vacuum model you choose, we have the bag that will work best for your machine. Because we know it is important to change your bags every three to four months, we make sure we always have a large stock and variety available for our customers. We also carry the filters for all models of Beam Vacuum Cleaners. No matter the size or type, we can accommodate your maintenance needs for your Beam Central Vacuum.

Beam Central Vacuums

Beam Central Vacuums have been around since the 1950s and the company markets some of the leading vacuums in the industry. These commercial vacuums are top of the line and are equipped with special parts to ensure a total clean for your business. Backpack models are perfect for small office buildings, healthcare facilities, hospitals, and government agencies if you don’t want a central vacuum.

The high-quality materials used in all these machines provide much-needed longevity for commercial settings and cost-effectiveness. The Beam Serenity (illustrated in section 2 of this blog) is of the most popular models in our central vacuum system line. It is highly valuable to businesses with its self-cleaning filters, programmable logic controllers, and anti-vibration mounting system.

Your One-Stop Vacuum Shop

If you are looking for a quality vacuum that can withstand the demands of your business, look no further than our quality Beam Central Vacuum Systems. These cleaning machines are built with versatility and flexibility in mind. Your employees and customers are the life and blood of your company. Protecting them by providing a clean work environment with a clean-air atmosphere is imperative.

We offer everything you will need to keep your investment up and running to its maximum potential such as:

Our prices are always competitive, and the best way to save money is to purchase a Beam Complete All-in-one Package.

Our company’s longstanding history and great customer relationships give you the confidence you need when deciding on investing in a Beam Central Vacuum System. We stand behind our products and offer repair services and part replacements to keep your Beam Vacuum running at optimal performance. For a complete list of our products and services offered, please visit our detailed website. Our customer service representatives are standing by to answer your questions and help you pick the best cleaning machine to fit your needs. Call us today to see how we can get the best machine for you.

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