Clean Your Floors with Ease

Many people don’t realize they have a choice in types of vacuum cleaners because upright models are the ones primarily advertised. Central vacuums, also known as built-in vacuums, are the most powerful and efficient of all vacuum systems. They consist of a stationary motor and dust collection bin that are attached to tubing inside of your home’s walls. These tubes lead to vacuum ports called inlets throughout the house. A hose and cleaning head can be plugged into these ports for vacuuming, and then easily put away. Central vacuums do some things much better than portable units that make them a worthwhile long-term investment. Here are some great reasons why this is true. Central vacuums are ideal for any size home and have become popular because they:

  • They last longer than conventional vacuum cleaners.
  • CVs are more convenient and easier to use.
  • They have the most powerful sucking action of all vacuums.
  • Central vacuums are the quietest type of cleaning machine.
  • Their HEPA filtration systems clean the air better than other models.
  • Central vacuums are lightweight and have no long cords.
  • They add monetary value to any home.
  • CVs can be adapted to new or existing houses.

They Last Longer Than Upright and Canister Models

One of the reasons many people buy them is because of durability and long-life. While most portable vacuum cleaners need to be repurchased every few years, while this is not true for central vacuum systems. Built-in vacuum cleaners can last up to 20 years or longer! How Stuff Works explains why you should install a central vacuum in your home.

“Advanced HEPA filtration such as filters and bags can collect up to 99.9% of allergens and pollutants from surfaces like floors, upholstery, stairs, and blinds.”

Central Vacuums Are Easier to Use

Ease of Use Is a Primary Benefit

Beyond loud, portable vacuum are also heavy for many people to use. This is not ideal for senior citizens, those who can carry only limited weight, or the disabled. Trying to carry it up the stairs to the bedrooms on the second floor may mean you don’t clean as often as you should. Don’t let your physical limitations make you live in a dirtier home than you would like. With a lightweight central vacuum system, you can say goodbye to hauling around a heavy canister or upright vacuum cleaner. You can use the same tools for many applications without changing them often. Watch this splendid video to see how easy it is to use a central vacuum.

More Powerful Sucking Action

Central vacuums have the most powerful motors and sucking actions of any type of cleaner. The dust, dirt, pet dander, allergens, and other debris go directly from the surfaces to the collection canister in the garage or basement. Whereas portable cleaners get filled up quickly that reduces their suction power, CVs have large collection bags and canisters that allow hours of cleaning.

They are Quieter Than Other Vacuums

An upright vacuum is loud, annoying, and makes it hard to talk to others or watch TV! What if you knew this is not true of all vacuums? The main source of a central vacuum’s noise is the motor, which is located in the garage, basement, crawl space, or utility closet. At last, you can have a quiet home vacuuming experience while other household members can sleep, talk on the phone, and list to music while you are vacuuming nearby.

Their HEPA Filtration Systems Are the Best

HEPA Filters Clean the Air Better

Ordinary vacuums are not as efficient in picking up debris and cleaning your home’s air as a central vacuum system. Advanced HEPA filtration such as filters and bags can collect up to 99.9% of allergens and pollutants from surfaces like floors, upholstery, stairs, and blinds. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma, COPD, or any other respiratory condition, install a central vacuum system to relieve their health condition.

Central Vacs Are Lightweight and Have No Long Cords

A central vacuum is convenient because its components are lightweight and there are no long cords to unwind, pull around, trip over, and rewind. The hose and wand take the place of long cords and short hoses on other models of cleaners. Since the hose is more visible, you are less apt to get tangled up in it.

Add Monetary Value to Any Home

Realtors will tell you that adding a central vacuum cleaner to your home will add thousands of dollars of value. These vacuums are among the most sought-after appliances in today’s nationwide housing markets. They can be adapted to any new or existing house for many years on continued use.

They are More Versatile

In addition to carpets, furniture, stairs, window sills, walls, and hard-to-reach places inside your home, other spaces outside of the house itself can also be easily cleaned. The long hose can also work for cleaning boats, trucks, cars, and vans parked nearby. Simply pull your car into the garage or driveway and give your upholstery a nice clean! Isn’t it time to make the move to install a central vacuum cleaner system from and enjoy its benefits? Find everything you need from our huge inventory

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