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Commercial Vacuums

Most Popular Commercial Vacuums currently on the market are Sanitaire

Sanitaire Commercial VacuumsCommercial vacuums are strong, and last longer than residential type vacuums. The Sanitaire commercial vacuums are built to last under extreme commercial cleaning circumstances.

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Shopping for a Commercial Vacuum

Whether it is hundreds of files stored in your office or thousands of books in the school library; dust and dirt can reach just about anywhere. Sweepers and cleaners will do their job well but some amount of dust and dirt will still remain. Whether it is an office building, a school, hospital, super-market, industrial space, hotel or any other commercial or industrial building; it is important to clean in such a way that dust and dirt is removed. This is where professional cleaning services come into the picture but then their charges can be outrageous. Is there any other solution?

There certainly is a solution and it is a one-time investment - buy a commercial vacuum. Using a commercial vacuum cleaner or even floor polishers and floor extraction cleaners, you can keep your office space free of dust & dirt. Dirt and dust not only accumulate on the floors but also on furniture & in places where your hand might not reach. This is where commercial vacuum cleaners will be extremely useful.

Choosing the right Commercial Vacuum

Depending on your requirements including the type of building, you will need to choose a commercial vacuum cleaner. Some of the top brands offering commercial vacuum cleaners include Hoover, Electrolux-Sanitaire, and Royal although the best brand of vacuum cleaners are Compare Sanitaire Vacuums. You can even buy floor extraction cleaners and floor polishers from Sanitaire as well.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to know the types of commercial cleaners available and how they can satisfy your need/requirement. There are basically two types of commercial vacuum cleaners: commercial uprights and commercial canister vacuums. Both types of commercial vacuum cleaners have their advantages and disadvantages.

Things you should know when buying a Commercial Vacuum

One of the important things is that whether you are buying Sanitaire vacuums or Royal commercial vacuums, you need to choose those models that offer you more value for money. Sanitaire and Royal commercial vacuums are definitely the best in the market but they have different models that satisfy different requirements/needs. Here are some important aspects that you need to keep an eye out for:

  1. Buying a commercial vacuum that is perfect for the office!Commercial Vacuum Motor Power:

    Motor power determines the performance of commercial vacuums. If your office has a huge pile of files and books and other inventory that regularly accumulates dust then you will need commercial vacuums with a minimum of 8.5-amp motor although 12 amps is considered as ideal. For floor cleaning, you can even use the SC6005A Floor Machine w/ 15" Brush. There are different types of floor polishers and floor extraction cleaners that can be used but ensure that the minimum power is 10hp.

  2. Commercial Vacuum Cleaning Path:

    You need to choose a Sanitaire or Royal commercial vacuum cleaner that offers the widest cleaning path within your budget. For example: You can get a 13-inch cleaning path using a 12-amp motor with the Royal RY5300 Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner, which is perfect.

  3. Commercial Vacuum Filtration:

    Both Royal commercial vacuums and Sanitaire vacuums offer some of the best filtration technologies in the industry for a price that you can afford. Both brands offer HEPA filters as a part of their standard equipment. This is a recommended feature because it will ensure that your office or school, hospital or industrial space remains dust-free and allergy-free. In case, you are unable to find HEPA Sanitaire vacuums in your city then you can even opt for 2-stage filtration commercial vacuum cleaners.

Last but not the least, always ask for manufacturer's warranty and what all it covers. At the end of the day, a commercial vacuum cleaner will remain as one of the most important assets. After all, a clean office reflects a professional image!


** All Commercial Vacuums Are Non-Refundable ** 




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